About Us

“Blow the trumpet in Zion … for the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand” – Joel 2:1.

The Vision

There was a map of Cumbria with fires springing up all around the county. As the fires began to burn streams of fire began to cross from fire to fire until the whole county was ringed by fire. As the circle became complete streams of fire began to flow up the valleys towards the mountainous centre until the whole county was ablaze.

The Mission

Prayer reaches to the Heavens and connects us with God’s heart for the nations.
CPN connects people in prayer for our region, our family of nations, and the whole world.

The Story so far …

Cumbria Prayer Net was first launched in 2003, facilitated by Colin and Chrissie Greaves, who have served the church in Cumbria since 1984. Working with churches and other ministries this has included Prayer and Praise events, Prayer Missions, Teaching Workshops, and Prayer Teams.

We are currently working with the Cumbria Prayer Conference team, supporting the God for All strategy and are Prayer Enablers for the Moving Mountains mission in 2018. More widely they lead the Prayer Teams ministry at World Prayer Centre providing contact with the wider movement for prayer and with a variety of churches and prayer houses nationally and internationally.

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